Development of any complexity

Web - sites

By carefully designing and developing an easily scalable architecture, we achieve the reliability and flexibility of your software solutions.

Interface design
Graphic design

Our experts will develop an exclusive design for your website, portal, mobile or web application. When designing a design, adaptive interfaces are designed for all kinds of screens.

Desktop applications services

Developing applications of high complexity for operating systems of the Windows family, we pay much attention to the quality of code and architecture.

Mobile and Cloud Apps

Cross-platform applications (Android, iOS, Windows Phone), cloud applications (AWS, Azure) - this is for us.

AVR Tech experts will develop immersive AR & VR FOR YOU!

AVR Tech experts will develop immersive AR and VR experience for your business. Our advanced neural networks and architectures suitable for all devices (Smartphones tablets, laptops and desktops). Ask now you can upgrade your business with AR and VR technology.

About Us

  1. Izhar Biran - CEO –  L11+ years' experience in online gaming business development, perations, and management. Working for the biggest names in online gaming in Europe, Asia and the Caribbean. linkedin!
  2. Iliya Talman - COO – Adding extensive financial know-how to the team. After starting his career in investment banking, he pro- gressed to a career as a multi-asset institutional broker. In recent years, Iliya has been involved in many Fintech ventures as an employee and as a founder. linkedin!
  3. Philip Freiberg - CMO – 15+ years of marketing and sales experience on 3 different continents. Philip began working in Europe and Asia by 2010, focusing on the high tech, Fintech while continuing to build and evolve in the field of Marketing and Business evelopment.  linkedin!
  4. Vasily Palitsyn - CTO - 16 years of experience in IT. Of which 5 years PM, 2 years Product Owner, 3 years CTO, 2 years Business Analyst in IT, 2 years security systems administrator, 1 year system administrator, 1 year python programmer. PhD, IT, software engineer. linkedin!

Our team is gathered from professionals of different directions

Our team is people who are fanatical of IT innovations and complex algorithms. We teamed up to simplify the lives of our customers. We are always open to dialogue.

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